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Using the right insulation product in the right application is a fundamental part of building design and construction product specification. Headline performance characteristics do not always explain how to get the best out of a thermal insulation or acoustic insulation product, which is particularly crucial when making sure that design intent is delivered in the finished building.

Every day, Celotex' team of technical advisors provide advice on specifying the best thermal insulation solutions to meet requirements on a diverse range of building projects.

What technical support is available?

Guidance on the correct use of polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam is backed up with U-value calculations and condensation risk analysis. An energy assessment service is also available looking at whole-building performance.

Technical Support Centre

The team provides guidance on the correct installation of Celotex products, meaning floor insulation, wall insulation and roof insulation can all be fitted on site to achieve the intended design performance. The team can provide U-value calculations and condensation risk analysis.

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