BBA Certificates

The BBA is the UK's major approval body for new construction products and installers.

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Products with BBA Certification have been assessed by the BBA for their defined applications and compliance with the relevant Building Regulations.

Their Agreement Certificates are recognised by the industry as proof that the products certified by them have passed rigorous assessments.

Celotex has a suite of BBA Certificates covering a range of products and applications, proving their suitability for use in a variety of applications, however these are currently in the process of being updated with the BBA, following the recent acquisition.

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BBA Certification Disclaimer

Building Regulations and guidance are currently being amended in many areas, especially around fire safety, energy efficiency and ventilation.

BBA certification will be updated in line with these changes and requirements, but customers should be aware that some of these will take time to do this and that in the meantime some of the associated comments and regulations referred to may be subject to change also. This does not affect the performance characteristics quoted in documents and customers should ensure that these parameters are checked with new regulations.

Please be reassured that all updates will be added to our website and all documents listed on this page will be the latest versions.